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by Rohdiamant

out of States Premium Elite Mare, Cancellaresca (Inschallah/Zeus)
 16.2hh Bay Stallion, Foaled in Germany1995

NAWPN (Dutch mares only)WEST (West mares only) SWANA (Swedish mares only)


$1,500.00 USD Fresh Semen, LFG

EVA Negative, Vaccinated Annually

Routinier Video Gallery


Routinier is a beautiful German bred Oldenburg stallion with Oldenburg and Westphalian bloodlines. He has a powerful, well-formed hind end and free moving back, lovely sloping shoulder, well set, arching neck, and lovely top line.  Routinier has three excellent gaits, all elastic and expressive.  He is a talented horse, with an innate ability for collection and roundness.  With extraordinary presence, impressive gaits and natural self carriage, Routinier is a natural Dressage powerhouse.  He has the rare combination and perfect balance of natural ability, sensitivity, intelligence, rideability, trainability and heart.  Routinier’s beauty, talent and unyielding desire to please all help to assure his continued great success a top level performance horse.  

When owned by GW Ranch, Routinier was predominately trained & shown by Steffen Peters through 4th level dressage.  After allowing him ample time to settle into his home and breeding duties on the East Coast, Routinier was shown at PSG briefly with Betsy LaBelle from November 2006 through March 2007.  (Betsy and Routinier trained with Anne Gribbons in Florida until 4/01/07).  FEI trainer/rider Allyson Rogers of ALR Dressage (Arlington, TN) is now training and showing Routinier. As Steffen Peters’ assistant for 10 yrs, Ally worked with Routinier successfully when Steffen rode him.  Allyson & Routinier shown they are a winning pair, with numerous PSG championships and a high score of 71% at PSG!   Allyson and Routinier started showing Intermediare-1 in 2008 with excellent scores in the high 60’s.  Starting in 2009 Routinier was being ridden and training by Jasmine Létourneau.  

Currently Routinier is being trained, ridden and shown by Siobhan Byrne of Mt. Airy, MD.  Routinier and Siobahn are schooling GP movements at home and are showing FEI PSG & Intermediare-1 in 2011.


Routinier was born in the Oldenburg region of Germany on July 28, 1995.  He was licensed in 1997 and approved in 1999 at the 100 day stallion performance testing in Neustadt/Dosse, Germany.  The quality of the stallions at the 1999 stallion performance test was noted to be the best ever seen, with scores reflecting the test’s competitive nature.  Routinier completed his stallion test with a score of 113.43, finishing 8th out of the 40 stallions tested.  He received two 10.0s and six 9.0s.  10.0s for “Willingness to Perform” and “Overall Ability to Perform” and 9.0s for “Temperament”, “Character”, “Rideability”, “Canter”, “Trot” and “Jumping (U/S)”. Routinier is the ONLY stallion available in the USA that has received such high scores at the end of the testing. Although Routinier excels in the sport of Dressage, he is also a skillful and talented Jumper. 

Routinier has a wonderful temperament.  He is very intelligent and respectful, sensitive and affectionate.  Extremely kind and easy to handle, Routinier is just a pleasure to work with and be around.  Under saddle Routinier is thoughtful and hard working with a true desire to strive for perfection.  In hand he is always a gentleman and enjoys being handled and fussed over.  Routinier loves: being groomed, being talked to/lots of praise, turn out, going for walks, Ponies, taking naps in the afternoon, lying down in his stall with his human buddies, Jolly Balls, breakfast/lunch/dinner, natural supplements, treats and belly rubs.  Most importantly, he loves his breeding duties and thinks himself a bit a Casanova.  Best explained, Routinier is like a member of a Royal Family.




Rohdiamant was the 1992 champion of the stallion approvals.  In 1993 Rohdiamont won the Oldenburg State Riding Horse Championships in Rastede, thereafter became a federal champion in Mannheim and then vice-champion of his stallion performance test.  In 1994, he became state champion four year old dressage horse and main premium winner in Oldenburg.  In 1995 he was both state and federal champion five year old dressage horse, as well as champion of the Nobilis Cup for young dressage horses in Bremen.  Then, in 1996 he was placed sixth in the finals of the Federal six year old Championships.  Aged seven, he already had great successes in advanced dressage.  This was followed in 1998 by wins and high placements in Prix St Georges and Intermediaire.  With numerous premium foals, top priced Vechta Auction babies, approved stallion sons, and champion elite mare daughters, Rohdiamant is as successful a breeding sire as well as a performance horse.  The FN breeding value rating has positioned Rohdiamant second nation wide in the field of dressage.





 Rohdiamant (Old)





St. Pr. H.

Rubinstein I


Rosenkavalier (Westf)

Romadour II (Westf)

Diva (Westf)



Angelo xx



Elektia V





Resena (A.A.)

St. Pr. St

Elektia (Old)

Chronist (Old)

Elektira IV (old)




St.Pr. St Elite

Cancellaresca (Old)









Fantaisiste II (A.A.)

Lonlaine (A.A.)



Nithard (A.A.)

Infante (A.A.)


St. Pr. St Elite Cabarett (Old)

St.Pr. H

Zeus (Ang. N)

Arlequin x

Urielle (Ang. N)


Cinderella (NL)

Armand (NL)

Condria (NL)


Rubinstein I needs hardly any introduction.  He was from the outset one of the most popular sires who ever stood in Oldenburg. After an outstanding stallion performance test, in which he was placed third, and an excellent first crop, he was the overwhelming main premium winner in 1990.  A stallion with unparalleled influence and success, he had 40 wins at Grand Prix level, was a member of the 1996 Olympic team, sired 89 state premium mares and 66 approved stallions and was the father of top auction horses and Grand Prix winners.   Please visit Routinier’s section at for more information.  Merely performing an internet search on “Rubinstein I” will provide numerous hits with volumes of information! 


Inschallah (AA) is considered to be one of the greatest French bred Anglo Arabs (36% Arab) ever seen in Germany. Inschallah began his career in Oldenburg at the famous Vorwerk station by winning the performance test at Adelheidsdorf in 1972.  Once exported from France to Oldenburg, he became the most important improvement sire next to Furioso II at the famous stallion station.  He soon gained a reputation for siring dual purpose horses.  Inschallah was a large framed sire with enormous gaits producing the current desired style of trot in Germany of a more rounded movement, with higher knee action and a reaching forward stride as opposed to the flat leg movement desired years ago. With his powerful frame and extravagant movement, Inschallah has had a big influence on modern Warmblood breeding. His offspring have dominated in every aspect: auction foals, show mares, elite foals, conformation show class winners, top dressage horses and show jumpers.

Please visit for more information. 

Zeus, sire of over 31 approved stallions in a multiple European Warmblood registries, was first named as a Selle Francais, Gordios.   When French bred Gordios was sold to George Vorwerk and imported to Germany, he was renamed Zeus.  As a 9-time champion of his age group, and with the earnings of his offspring totaling almost 4 million DM, in Germany alone, Zeus is known as one of the best producers of jumpers the world has ever seen. At the Oldenburg stallion approvals of 1992, he sired the first and second Reserve Champions. Zeus has presented numerous top international competition horses. In 1993 at the German Championships Zerberus (Ludger Beerbaum,) became the champion of 5-year old jumpers. In '94 at the Vechta Auction Zino, was the top foal (went for 60,000 DM). At the 1995 World Cup finals not less than 6 Zeus offspring participated. At the auction in Zangersheide in '98, Zeus was the sire of the highest priced horse.

For more information please visit



Routinier foals are athletic and noble; distinguished in conformation, type, beauty and brilliant movement in all three gaits.  They consistently carry their sire’s intelligence, kindness and eagerness to please; all around easy going foals with personality plus.  Routinier reliably passes on his athleticism, wonderful neck & neck set, very good activity in the hindquarters, freedom through the back, strong topline, lovely shoulder with good reach, uphill build, high rideability, and temperament.  Routinier foals inherit their sire’s fantastic movement, suspension, elasticity, correct gaits and his innate ability to collect.  Routinier stamps his foals with all his wonderful qualities.  Offspring are uniform in quality and in inherited traits out of different mare types showing Routinier’s prepotency.  Most offspring mature around 16.2hh.  Routinier produces a modern warmblood with the type and build favored in upper level sport.


Just like their sire, Routinier foals are correct, multi-talented with three pure and expressive gaits and roundness for Dressage and a talent for and love of Jumping (Routinier himself scored 9’s in jumping at his 100 day test & before his upper level dressage career was known as an excellent jumper).  “Rudy” foals truly can do it all.  Beyond the lovely refined heads, correct and balanced build, amazing movement and beauty, Routinier foals are incredibly kind and people loving.  Routinier offers the very best of both interior and exterior qualities for breeding.   Routinier’s offspring now under saddle have sire’s incredible athleticism, intelligence, rideability, trainability and willingness.  They possess the traits and abilities needed upper level dressage yet are workable and talented enough for any sport.  Routinier shows through his undersaddle offspring his ability to produce quality, successful competition riding horses for Dressage, Jumpers, Hunters, and Eventing.  Offspring are suitable for both professional and amateur riders.  Just like their sire, Routinier offspring have excellent temperaments, extremely willing & highly trainable with a strong desire to please.  They are easy going without being dull and unresponsive; on the contrary they are forward thinking, expressive, intelligent, responsive and sensitive to aids without being difficult or “hot”.  Like their Sire, they have that rare combination of character, sensitivity, willingness, ability, athleticism, and movement required for both top sport and successful amateurs alike.  Routinier offspring love to work and are eager to please making them a joy to ride & work. 


Routinier is ranked No. 2 in North America for production of the most GOV Premium Foals.  Produced NUMEROUS Champions: USDF HOY Winners, National/regional title winners, and show champions.  Recent Offspring Accolades:  3 year old son ZETTERBERG (bred by Julie Agar) was awarded 1st Place for 2006 USDF HOY 2 year old Colts/Geldings (1st Place KWPN as well), and 3 yr old son REVEILLE (bred by Robin Juncal) was named 5th Place (1st Place GOV as well).  4 year old son Ronrico bred by Ulf Wadeborn received a DOUBLE Diploma from SWANA at his inspection (one of only two awarded) in 2007.  2005 filly Revlon bred by Robin Juncal was a multiple show champion in 2007 with scores in the 80’s, and thus received a HOY title with the USDF.  2008 & 2009 Offspring results to be posted online.  …..AND an Approved son in 2009 too!!! 

Routinier is approved by the following multiple Warmblood registries: GOV, ISR/Old NA, RPSI, SWANA, Westphalian, KWPN of NA (Dutch mares only), CWHBA & CSHA.  Routinier is in the process of approval by the following registries: AHS, Selle Francais, Belgium.  Additional submissions/suggestions for approval to additional registries will be considered upon mare owner request.  

  Routinier is IHF Nominated.


Routinier is an excellent improvement type sire and is workable with many different mare types.  Suitable for heavier WB types and TB mares alike.  Reliably known to improve temperament and some conformational flaws (especially hind end issues, back length/coupling, neck set, top line, legs, and shoulder/chest area).  Due to the double Inschallah, Routinier makes an excellent cross with Arab mares.



Uploaded: 6/17/2008

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